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There was a time when businesses asked ‘Why Digital Marketing’ but over the past decade the question has changed to ‘Why Not Digital Marketing? Not just in India but across the world, brands and businesses have moved their marketing budgets to digital and social media platforms and in return have got higher ROI, importantly real-time and measurable audience data. So if you’re still asking yourself why digital marketing then it’s time to switch to asking why not digital marketing and getting in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Jalgaon – Softaid.

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Softaid was founded in 1999 when India was very far from the idea of Digital Marketing. When the e-commerce marketing company Flipkart launched in 2007, the life of an Indian consumer changed forever. The use of mobile phones to order from the comfort of our home increased, delivery channels opened up and brands found a way to enter the homes of people instead of relying on the traditional one-way communication channels like TV, Radio, and Print.

Softaid was founded in Jalgaon with the primary focus of enabling brands to meet the consumer where they were rather than trying to bring them to their retail stores or outlets. From e-Commerce applications, web development, SEO, Mobile Applications, Social Media Management, and Digital Marketing services, Softaid has become a sought after digital marketing company in Jalgaon and boasts of 500+ clients across the World which our team of experts service.

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Digital Marketing for Business Growth

Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 25-30% in India annually and India had reached 500 million users of the internet by the end of 2018 itself. Softaid, over the past decade, has evolved into a forward-thinking digital agency that meets the digital demands of its clients. Already being experts in web-application and web-development, we quickly came up with our own unique Search Engine Optimization technique that helps brands with better Google rankings in sync with a content-driven presence on social media. Our team can devise a digital marketing strategy that suited to meet your marketing goals and thus help you achieve your business revenue, growth and engagement targets.

Taking your business to the next level

How can Softaid and digital marketing take your business to the next level? Here are a few reasons to answer this critical question
1. With the evolution of modern technologies and mobile phones, small and medium enterprises can now reach out to a target audience much easily and significantly lower costs. It enables them to attract their audience without having to spend large amounts than traditional mediums like TV, Out of Home, Radio or Print demand.
2. Digital Marketing helps businesses calculate and spend as per need and in real-time. You can measure the results with accuracy and also know what campaign worked or didn’t work in achieving the target. At any point in a campaign, you have the option to stop, revive and reactivate the campaign to deliver better results.